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History and Folklore Podcast

May 27, 2020




Discover the folklore behind hawthorn trees in early medieval Europe. 

How are hawthorns connected to the dead?

Why is it dangerous to bring them inside?

Can I say thrimethylamine? (no). 


May 13, 2020

Big Al at the Winchester says wolves can't look backwards.

Discover other strange medieval folk beliefs and attitudes towards wolves based on folk tales, fables and medieval bestiaries. 



May 3, 2020

The first episode of History and Folklore Podcast looking at how Anglo-Saxons viewed elves and how to heal a disease caused by elf-shot.



For a sudden stitch:
They were loud, yes loud when they rode over the land,

THey were fierce when they rode over the land.
Shield yourself now, that you may escape this...