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History and Folklore Podcast

Jan 27, 2022

Churchyard grims, stacked graves and Judgement Day. How did English graveyards changed in England between the medieval and Victorian eras?  



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Dec 26, 2021

Cosmic reindeer, giants, goats and child-eating cats. Listen to some tales about the creatures that stalk the night over the Yule and Christmas period, and learn a few techniques to protect yourself from them.

Nov 28, 2021

This month we look into the history of alchemy and the worldview and aims of early alchemists. 

Find out how metal gets married, why poisons are good and how humans reflect the entire universe. 



‘From a man and a woman make a circle, then a square, then a triangle, finally a circle, and you will obtain...

Oct 22, 2021

This month we look into the history and folklore of fog including the four (or five) elements, dragons, gods and the dangers that lurk in the mist.

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Twitter: @HistoryFolklore

Oct 17, 2021

The Wild Hunt is a band of ghost warriors, witches or demons that stalk through the dark nights skies. But where do these tales originate?
The answer might be more varied than you expect.
This is a bonus episode for the Aloreing Podcast's Hallowe'en playlist. This playlist that will be updated through October with...