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History and Folklore Podcast

Oct 13, 2020

A look at European changeling myths including what changelings are, the folklore surrounding them and the historic cases behind the tales. 
This episode includes a story by the brilliant DD Storyteller. Go to for more of her work.

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A Pocket Guide to Superstitions of the British Isles by Steve Roud.

A Treasury of British Folklore: Maypoles, Mandrakes and Mistletoe by Dee Dee Chainey. 

Changelings: Or Beware the Baby Snatchers of the Fairy Kingdom by W.B. Yeats and Varla Ventura

Fairy Folklore: The Unchanging Appeal of Changelings by Alison Littlewood (

Fairy Scapegoats: A History of the Persecution of Changeling Children by Richard Sugg (

Orkneyjar: The Heritage of the Orkney Islands by S. Towrie (

Vaesen: Spirits and Monsters of Scandinavian Folklore by Johan Egerkrans.